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The Sector of Finance

The Sector of Finance is an administrative unit, depending on the Chancellor of the University, and managed by the head of the sector. It is composed of:


* Head of the sector;

* Accountant;

* Cashier;

* Storeroom keeper.

The main responsibilities of the Sector of Finance are:

1. Perform all transactions of cash

2. Conducts all transaction of materials

3. Elaborates payment-order form, cash-flow, check with all relevant information, according to accompanying documentation.

4. Develops time-sheets for full-time, part-time or invited employees, as well as informs them about their salary. He registers all salaries in the annual salary book.

5. Elaborates time-sheets for employee’s social security, and pays them at the Tax Office.

6. Develops time-sheets for services within the country, and overtimes.

7. Performs accounting procedures of payment-orders, cash flow, time-sheets and storeroom.

8. In cooperation with the Economic Sector receives and evaluates the documentation submitted for scholarships of the second-year students and elaborates the payment list.

9. Maintain the register of budgetary funds for expenses and investments.

10. Issues the monthly expenditure situation and monthly reconciliation act of its revenues.

11. Compile statistical data on number of employees and their salaries.

12. Checks all accompanying documents for each payment-order form.

13. Keep records on fixed assets.

14. Keep records on current assets.

15. Makes a presentation of annual financial activity.

16. Maintains and verifies costs, their management and control, as well as preparers the financial documents of institution employees.

17. He maintains contacts with the expenditures specialist and income specialist of the Department of Treasury for carrying out expenditures and revenue performance, for the implementation of the budget limits by groups, articles and items.


For more information, you can contact:

Marika Napuçe – Head of the Sector of Finance e-mail: e-mail: