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Student: Kristel Tole

E+ Programme: Student

Host University: University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy

Period: March 2023 – July 2023

Academic year: 2022/2023

“Being an Erasmus+ student”

I am Kristel Tole, an English language student at the third year of Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Education and Philology,  at “Fan S. Noli” University. Currently, I am finishing my studies with the Erasmus + program in Perugia, at the University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy.

I am so excited to talk about more about my experience from the day I got the news till today. I was informed about this call from the Website at my University and I was really excited to apply.  I was really happy day because I stared thinking about my experience as an Erasmus student Italy for my final semester. I had to do many procedures but there was no problem appeared during the preparation of the documentation for the mobility.

Finally, the day came when I had to board the plane to come to Italy. Immediately, the next day that we started our studies and, we met the professors who guided us on how to get all the lectures and what were our duties and responsibilities as students of the host university. They were all very friendly and helpful. One of my subjects was taught in Italian and even though I understood it, it was hard for me to talk, but I could use English language when I faced difficulties during the class.

Of course, when we arrived, we had to learn a lot of new things. The Erasmus office of   “The University For Foreigners” helped us in every step, making us feel at home. If we had any problem, we could just knock in their door and help was on our way.

I am very pleased with my experience, so far. At first, I was scared living in a foreign country all alone but I can say that this was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Italy is a beautiful country and Perugia is a gem that not many people are aware of. The lessons are very interesting to attend and we got to learn new things in other fields that will be helpful for our future.

I want to thank both my home university that gave me this unforgettable experience and the host University for accepting us me as one of their students. If I had to repeat this experience again, I wouldn’t hesitate to say “Yes” once again.

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