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Student: Andi Zhgaba

E+ Programme: Student

Host Institution: “Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Period: February 2023 – June 2023

Academic year: 2022-2023 

“My Erasmus+ experience”

Being an Erasmus+ International Student at the “Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki, Greece, has been the most fulfilling experience. I can say, without any reservation, that my studying at this University is going to be one of the most memorable experience in my life.
Student life was quite lively, the academic lessons were a high level, the professors were understanding and helpful in giving me guidance as an Erasmus+ student.
The “Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki offers the possibility for 3 free meals 7 days a week for its students, thus greatly aiding the students not to lose concentration from their studies. Personally, I have found that this has greatly come to my aid, as I can stay close to the University all day and continue studying and being in the midst of all the other dozens of students.
Furthermore, the university campus gives one access to a Central Library, smaller libraries at each department, various activites and so on and so forth. I used to study at the Central Library as it was a quite the comfortable place.
Also, Thessaloniki has lots to see. Not only did I explore all the main suggestions for sightseeing, but also I had the opportunity to go to some nearby villages during some weekends, thus enjoining both the rush of the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the calmness and relaxation in the quiet of the villages nearby.
I am most grateful for this Erasmus+ experience!

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