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High school graduates are one of the most important pillars of work and function of the Career Center and Alumni. This window “High School Graduates” was built to aid all high school graduates in Korçë Region. In this profile you will find all the necessary information related to the State Matura, such as: instructions for the development of the State Matura, instructions for filling in the application forms in the Higher Education Institutions, instructions in order to be prepared for the elective subjects, etc. By visiting the website of the University of Korçë, high school graduates can get acquainted with the study programs that our University provides. They also can contact the Career Center and Alumni for any other information.

  1. State Matura Regulation.
  2. Calendar of applications “form A1/A1Z”.
  3. University application and registration calendar.
  4. Rezultatet e të nxënit për realizimin minimal të kompetencave, MSH 2020
  5. Instruction for the organization of the State Matura 2020 exams.
  6. Instruction no.19.dt_2.7.2020 for the second session of the State Matura.
  7. Orders and Regulations, SM 2020.
  8. Order for applications “form A1/A1Z”, SM 2020.