1. Rectorate, in the institutions of higher education, is a collegial body, headed by the Rector and it consists of:

a) the rector;

b) vice-rector;

c) manager of the institution;

ç) head of main units;

d) other authorities, described in the statute of the higher education institute.

2. The institutions of higher education define in their status the number of vice-rectors, who hold the title “Professor” or have the scientific degree “Doctor” (PhD), acquired at the universities of EU or OECD member countries. They are full time lecturers, and are appointed or dismissed by the rector after the approval of Academic Senate.

3. The rectorate elaborates the strategic development plan of the institution, based on the proposals of the main units and administrators of the institution.

4. The functions of the rectorate are defined in the statute of the higher education institution.


Prof. dr. Dhimitri Bello

Tel. : ++ 355 822 42230
++ 355 69 2163295






Deputy Rector for science and projects

Dr. Benita Stavre

Tel. : ++ 355 822 42580






Deputy Rector for curricula and academic management

Dr. Arto Adili





Msc. Enslemvera Zake (Furxhi)

Tel: +355 822 43609





Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. as. dr.  Gjergji Mero

Tel.: +355 822 48945






Dean of the Faculty of Education and Philology

Prof. as. dr. Jonela Spaho

Tel. : ++ 355 822 48944





Dean of the Faculty of Economy

Prof. as. dr. Ledina Alolli

Tel.: +355 822 42201





Dean of the Faculty of Human and Natural Sciences

Prof. as. dr. Sonela Stillo