Faculty of Education and Philology was founded on the basis of the Decision nr. 16 date 17.1. 2012 of the Ministry of Education and Science based on the article 102 of the Constitution and in the article 41 of the Law “For the Higher Education of Albania”, after it was made the organization of the Faculty of Education (Faculty of Pedagogy of a 3-years study program “Teaching for Primary Education, Classes I-VI”), founded in 1992 under the decision nr. 5, date 7.01.1992 of the Council of Ministers.

From 1992 up to 2015 there are opened the following study programs of the first cycle “Bachelor”:

English Language (1994); Teaching for Preschool Education (1995); Language – Literature (2005); Albanian and French Language-Literature (2009); History-Geography (2010); Primary Education and English Language for the Primary Education (2010, The branch in Pogradec); Teaching for Primary Education, Classes I-VI (2013). The “Bachelor” study programs: Teaching for Preschool Education, Teaching for Primary Education, Classes I-VI; Language-Literature; History-Geography, are conducted even in the part-time system. 

In the academic year 2008-2009 are opened for the first time the study programs of the second cycle “Master of First Level (MFL) for the Lower Secondary School and Secondary Education in the profiles “Language-Literature” and “English Language” with 60 credits which were reorganized in 2010-2011 with 90 credits including the minor profiles “Arts” and “Sports”; “Professional Master” Teaching for the Primary Education (2012), (part-time system); “Master of Sciences” Primary Education, Classes I-VI (2012); Professional Master” Teaching in History – Geography (2013).


From 1992 and up to the academic year 2014-2015 in this faculty are graduated 4375 students.

In the academic year 2014-2015, in the Faculty of Education and Philology have been studying 2157 students; 1112 in the first cycle “Bachelor” study programs, in full – time; 492 in the first cycle “Bachelor” study programs, in part – time and 553 students in the second cycle “Professional Master” and “Master of Sciences” study programs.

In the academic year 2015-2016, in the Faculty of Education and Philology are graduated 373 students of the first cycle “Bachelor” study programs and 378 students in the second cycle of studies “Professional Master” and “Master of Sciences”. In the academic staff of the Faculty of Education and Philology, 50 lecturers are conducted their activity of which: 1 bears the title “Professor”, 8 are Associated Professors, 36 Doctors of Sciences, 3 Docents and 12 MSC. (in a doctoral process).

In the academic year 2016-2017 are enrolled 1229 students.

The Centre of Excellence in the Faculty of Education and Philology functions from 2012. It aims the conduction of the training and qualifications activities of the teachers in duty.

The Faculty of Education and Philology is accredited in 42 training modules. Through the Centre of Excellence “FEP” (Faculty of Education and Philology), is already organized the qualification of the teachers in duty in six three-days annual sessions in all the Region of Korca. In the academic year 2013-2014 were qualified 954 teachers. The Centre of Excellence “FEP” has an appropriate infrastructure for training the teachers and a specialized library for this purpose consisting of 210 titles and about 960 books.

In the Faculty of Education and Philology is established the Centre of “Albanian and Foreign Language”, which functions based on the Decision Nr. 12, date 29.03.2013 of the Academic Senate.

From January 2016 it is founded the Centre of Greek Language for taking the exam and the national certification of the Greek language.

The Faculty of Education and Philology has a contemporary infrastructure for conducting the teaching process and the scientific activities: 10 rooms with video-projectors, 1 amphitheater with a capacity of 238 places, 10 lecture halls, 1MediaTech room, 1 room for the video-conferences, 1 digital laboratory of foreign languages, 1 laboratory for the scientific and didactic research in the field of phonetics, the Centre of Excellence room, 1 secretary office, 1 information office for the students, 10 offices and working environments for the academic and teaching – assistant staff  as well as a library.

The Faculty of Education and Philology has its own specialized library in Albanian and Foreign languages of about 6 thousands titles and 15 thousands books. In the library of the Faculty, the students and lecturer have access to read in the digital libraries of some of the foreign universities. It is managed by a specialized and trained employee for fulfilling all the working processes.

Faculty of Education and Philology has organized and it is still organizing national and international scientific conferences as well as it has bilateral cooperation with 12 homologue faculties in Albania, Balkan and Europe. There are also published the collections of materials taken from different conferences, monographs etc.

In the Faculty of Education and Philology are invited literary and scientific personalities from Albania and European Universities for holding lectures and discussing conversations.

The Faculty of Education and Philology brings a series of publications “Scientific Yearbook FEP” which presents the scientific research works of the lecturers and a summary of any other scientific works in different conferences.

The Faculty of Education and Philology organizes every year different cultural, promotional and scientific activities with the students and the academic staff. 




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