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Teaching Mobility Exchange at the University of Nueringen-Geislingen, Germany

Host Institution: University of Nueringen-Geislingen, Germany

E+ Programme: Teaching

Period: May 15– 28, 2022

Academic year: 2021/2022

In the framework of DualAFS project, the University of Nueringen-Geislingen, welcomed the members of the academic staff of “Fan S. Noli” University of Korça, for training and experience exchange.

  • Dr. Dorjan Marku completed his mobility for designing the structure of the course program “Supply Chain Management”, that will be integrated in the Bachelor curricula of “Agribusiness Management”, at the Faculty of Agriculture. Integration of quality management in the agri-food supply chain and the application of practical approaches, project work & case studies were the main focus of his training and cooperation with Prof. Heinrich Schüle and Prof. Juergen Braun.

During his mobility, he also had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with different work-life-partners (company representatives) of NGU, and obtain knowledge on how stakeholders from work-life-partners with practical background, may be involved in the course study programs.

  • Dr. Aldona Minga, joined the University of Nuertingen-Geislingen for preparing the syllabi of the module “Management Accounting”. Making this module more applicative and adapting it according to the needs of the labor market was the main focus of her cooperation with Prof. Fischer. She also obtained more information on the importance of innovations for companies, know-how, in which innovation can be promoted.

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