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Student: Xhoana Dunolli

E+ Programme: Exchange Student

Host Institution: University of Bologna

Period: February 2020 – July 2020

Academic year: 2020/2021

“I am more responsible and independent thanks to Erasmus +”

My name is Xhoana Dunolli, 22 years old. I study at Fan S. Noli University, Korça and thanks to the Erasmus+ exchange program I had the opportunity to experience and get to know a different culture in the city of Bologna, Italy, Alma Mater Studiorum University.

 I am studying in the program “Primary Education Teacher” at the Faculty of Education and Philology of the University of Korça, currently in the last year of studies. I successfully finished one semester at the University of Bologna through Erasmus+ Programe. I have to say that it was an extraordinary and valuable experience not only for my profession as a future teacher, but also for my personality.

 I chose to apply for this Erasmus experience because I wanted to get to know a different culture, the Italian one in this case. The purpose of this exchange was to get to know a different teaching context. Even meeting new people was important as development of foreign languages. Before this opportunity came I had planned to know different cultures of education, and I can say that this experience opened many other doors for me. I find it hard to describe this experience and I do not believe I am the only Erasmus student. I think this is an experience to be lived and the results or consequences appear in practice, in our skills, in our attitudes, in the way we think and in the activities we perform. By creating a wide social circle I manage to appreciate and not prejudice cultures, I strongly believe that every culture, every individual has its own values and man should not be excessive ethnocentric. Moreover, I am proud of the Albanian culture and I believe that I have demonstrated it in the best way as a student.

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