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Prof. dr. ALI JASHARI - Rector

e-mail: ajashari@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: alijashari@yahoo.com

Dr. ILIR SOSOLI - Chancelor

e-mail: isosoli@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: ilir_sosoli@yahoo.com

Prof. as. dr. MAJLINDA BELLO - Vice / rector

e-mail: mbello@unkorce.edu.al

Prof.as.dr. FREDI ÇUÇLLARI - Dean of the Faculty of Economic

e-mail: fcucllari@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: fcucllari@gmail.com

Prof. as. dr. GJERGJI MERO - Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

e-mail: gmero@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: gjmero@yahoo.com

Prof. dr. GJERGJI PENDAVINJI - Dean of dhe Faculty of Natyral and Human Science

e-mail: gpendavinji@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: gjpendavinji@yahoo.com

Prof. as. dr. PAVLLO CICKO - Dean of the Faculty Education

e-mail: pcicko@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: pcicko61@yahoo.com




  1. The rectorate is an executive  collegial organism  consisting of :
  • The rector
  • Vice rector
  • Dean/ head of each Faculty and other main unit
  • The chancellor of  the institutio
  • The rectorate is leaded by the rector
  1. The main functions  of the rectorate :
  • It compiles multiyear plan of the institutional development
  • It compiles the annual program of the activities and it follows its appliance after its approval in the academic senate
  • It formulates the criteria for the distribution of financial materials and human resources
  • It submits the advantages among the competitive requirements for financial issues within the main institutional units.
  • It compiles and propose the budget draft for approval in the academic senate.
  • It compiles the plan for investments, contacts and negotiations that are its competence.
  • It submits recommendations for projects , for study programs for  scientific research and the necessary structural changes for their realization
  • It executes all the approved decisions of the academic senate and the administrative council.
  • It monitors and publishes the results of the evaluation activities of the institution.
  • It prepares the negotiation between the high education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Science, for the financial rules
  • It proposes the general structure and  the number of the institutional staff for all the levels
  • It prepares its working plan which should be approved by the academic senate.
  1. The rectorate asks for the opinion of the academic senate and the administrative council for their own competency aspects.
  2. The rectorate reports once a term in the academic senate and in the administrative council.
  3. The rectorate compiles the annual report of the educational , financial and research activities and it is submitted for approval to the academic senate and administrative council within the 20th of December of each year.
  4. The rectorate has the right to delegate its competences to the administrative staff or to the other institutional organisms in accordance with its rules.
  5. In the high education public institutional status ,in accordance with this law, are appointed other rights and duties as well as the functioning of the rectorate.




 Tel. & Fax. ++ 355 82 242230

                     ++355 82 242580+355 82 242580

e-mail: rektorati@unkorce.edu.al




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