Harmonization and Innovation in PhD Study Programs for Plant Health in Sustainable Agriculture (HarISA) 2nd meeting 10th -11th June 2019, Podgorica

University of Montenegro organized 2nd meeting of the project “Harmonization and Innovation in PhD Study Programs for Plant Health in Sustainable Agriculture (HarISA)” from 10th till 11th June 2019. The project was approved under the Erasmus+ program in the area of ​​Enhancing Capacities in Higher Education (ECHE) by the European Agency for Audiovisual Policy and Culture (EACEA). Project is coordinated by University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture and project leader is prof. Renata Bažok, PhD. After the kick – off meeting where the scientist, teachers and students get together and discussed status quo on PhD study programs in plant health in sustainable agriculture, purpose of meeting in Podgorica was to continue discussion based on the join analysis of partners PhD study programs. The idea behind is to join forces, to establish harmonization, improvement and modernization of doctoral programs in the field of plant health among partner Universities and to increase the ability of the PhD study programs and to respond in global health problems.
The meeting brought together 34 representatives from four EU countries (Croatia: University of Zagreb and Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek; Italy: University of Bari Aldo Moro; Bulgaria: Agricultural University Plovdiv and Greece: Agricultural University of Athens) and 38 representatives from four Western Balkans counties (Bosnia and Herzegovina: University of Sarajevo, University of Mostar; Serbia: University of Novi Sad, University of Belgrade; Montenegro: University of Montenegro and Albania: University of Tirana and University "Fan S. Noli" Korçë). Scientists, teachers and students participated in three workshops which are crucial for reaching the goal of the project.
On the begging of the 2nd meeting, the joint analyze of partners PhD study programs was presented. It was the base for discussion in other workshops. At the workshop in the work package 2, the different management and tutoring practices were presented and discussed, and the best ones are identified. It was discussed how the join curriculum shall address the research and education needs for plant health knowledge in sustainable agriculture. Learning outcomes for a joint PhD study program were discussed and the basic structure of a joint curriculum was discussed. Work package 3 gathers scientists and students in the previously identified 7 sub-groups based on the scientific discipline in plant health. They discussed the existing subjects taught at different universities, compared the available methods, tools, human capacities and learning outcomes of the courses and tried to identify courses for which joint learning materials can be developed. The intensive work in WP3 will continue at the third meeting which will be held in Belgrade at the end of October.
Management Board (MB) meeting aimed to discuss project implementation and plan future activities among partners.

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